Emoote Invests in Light to lead the Next Era of Live streaming


2 min readAug 7, 2023
  • Emoote has invested in Light, operates the next-generation live-streaming platform “palmu” with the mission of “building a world where the next generation of stars.
  • This early round emphasizes Emoote’s commitment to supporting innovative projects that will lead the next era of live streaming and tipping.
  • The funds raised will be put toward further product development and acquiring drivers and users.

About Light

Founded in April 2020, Light is dedicated to building a world that nurtures the stars of the next generation. Using blockchain technology, we are developing a live-streaming platform that prioritizes the user.

In a time where individual contributions are key, we believe in a platform where benefits are not just for the operators but also reward users economically. Our aim is to create a ‘stage’ where individuals can excel, their views are reflected, and they can enjoy participating in a thriving community.

To achieve this, we are committed to investing in product development, user acquisition, and community management. We are excited to announce that we have raised 500 million yen in early-round funding to help further these goals.


About Emoote


Emoote is a Web3 fund established in Singapore in September 2021. To date, Emoote has invested in more than 40 projects to date. The investment stage is early stage, including seed and the main areas are Asia 50%, US 40%. The portfolio includes STEPN, BreederDAO, Ethsign and YGG Japan.




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